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Since Independence in 1961 , the State of Kuwait has taken major steps in enhancing food security manifested in the incorporation of Kuwait Flour Mills Company, which later was merged with the Kuwait Bakeries Company in 1988 (KFMB) to become a key pillar and one of the tributary of the industry in the State of Kuwait.

In 1969, the company established the Macaroni factory, followed by the Biscuit factory in 1970 and the Vegetable oil factory in 1976, which was the first of its nature in the Arabian Gulf Region.

In 1978, the company took ambitious steps to build nine automatic bakeries, geographically situated in Kuwait along with the Central Sabhan Bakery, considered a sign industrial milestone in Arabian Gulf area at that time.

In 1994 Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries acquired a major significant company (Kuwait Supply Company) that has entrusted to serve the citizens by providing and delivering food supply and construction materials subsidized by the government in accordance with the policies and resolutions of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

In compliance with the company’s mission to achieve food security, the company established the Animal Feed Plant in 1996 for the production of animal feed enrich with nutritional values to serve the livestock, that are one of the integral elements for nutrition in the country.

CEO Message

Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Company continued to develop and implement its vision and mission, which aims to maintain Kuwait's food security by the latest international standards.

From the strategic point of view, the company has been able to start the installation of an additional mill (C-Mill) for the production of flour with a production capacity of 750 tons per day, in addition to purchase two Arabic bread production lines with a production capacity of 14000 bread per hour to fulfil the increase of the demand for wheat and Arab bread products.

In order to continue our development, the company launched new products to meet the consumers requirement with its high quality and competitive prices, such as biscuit and potato berry, which attracted the admiration of our consumers. The company also contracted to install a new line in the pasta factory to produce lasagna. During the second half of 2017. The company also renovated the Animal feed factory, which was set up in 1996 to develop its production capacity in line with the needs of the growing market.

At the same time, the company started building two automatic bakeries for Arab bread in Saad Al-Abdullah city and Fahad Al-Ahmad suburb after obtaining the necessary licenses. It is currently studying the replacement of the production line of Samon and Toast in Sabhan Bakery No. 1, which was operated in 1984.

The company initiated the development of a new mix of green fodder in cooperation with the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources in preparation for adoption of the breeders in 2017 as a new product rich in nutritional value, and contributes to rationalize the consumption of groundwater used in irrigation.

The company has maintained its competitiveness at the local and regional levels and has made special efforts to develop its exports, which have increased 14% over the year 2015, despite the recession of trade witnessed in foreign markets this year.

Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company has been able to maintain its leadership in the food industry with its constant diligence to develop its factories according to the latest technologies and scientific means and its commitment to the quality standards approved by the international accreditations bodies and gradually obtain the ISO 22000 certificate for its production facilities to cover all its factories and bakeries. Al-Ahmadi Bakery, Al-Rumaythia Bakery and Gluten Free Products Factory will receive this certificate during 2017.

At the administrative level, the company pays attention to the recruitment of national manpower and attracting distinguished Kuwaiti talent. The number of Kuwaitis appointed in the company increased by 16% last year.

On the political and economic level, the company spares no effort to harness its capabilities and expertise to reduce government support in the various ways available to it in line with the state's tendency to reduce expenses and rationalize government support, which reflects its commitment to its national responsibilities as a government-owned company.

Among the strategic projects that translate the company's commitment to its national responsibilities is developing a new system for subsidized products to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry which has implemented according to the latest technological systems worldwide and it went live now. The company has succeeded in developing a new system that addresses all shortcomings. In the report of the State Audit Bureau, ensuring comprehensive control, confidentiality of information, highly available (24*7), rapid provision of material for citizens, ensuring support for beneficiaries, and follow-up balances of sales outlets in the cooperative societies, and follow-up to the supply of goods from the supplier companies, which will govern the control and control support and facilitate follow-up to decision makers and to take the necessary decisions.

All these efforts and achievements achieved by the company to strengthen its strategic importance and its outstanding steps in achieving food security of the state and ensure its stability in different circumstances and variables Which contributes to enhancing the ability of the State of Kuwait to be a financial and commercial center attractive to investment in accordance with the recommendations and aspirations of His Highness the Amir.

Mutlaq Al-Zayed

Our Vision

Provide the various nutritional needs of high quality to the consumer
Continue to achieve the Food Security for the State of Kuwait


Creativity & Innovation

We managed to cope with the challenges of current situations and promote our performance to achieve the highest levels of excellence.


We believe that trust is an important value that we should maintain with our customers and employees to build successful mutual partnerships and relations.

Customer Satisfaction

We consider that our success is the outcome of our customers’ satisfaction, therefore we seek to be part of their success and we always keep customers satisfaction our top priority.


We act professionally according to clear policies and procedures.

Transparency and Fairness

We are transparent in our internal and external communications in order to demonstrate the highest standards of ethics in conducting our business.


We encourage teamwork across all our internal and external business activities to achieve our strategic objectives.

Motivating Environment

We enhance a productive environment by empowering authorities to our employees, and we measure our performance by compare it to the target results.

Quality and Distinction

We conduct our business according to the highest quality and distinction standards.

Food Safety


Quality is one of the values and objectives that the company succeeded to achieve throughout its long history.
The company strived to maintain such level until its products become landmark of quality; this was and will remain a top priority of the company.
In addition, the company’s labs are working steadily to follow up the production process 24/7, to ensure that the consumer has healthy and fresh products, manufactured according to the highest approved standard specifications.
To ensure and maintain quality, and to achieve an integral image of the company’s features and products, KFMB sustains to import the raw materials such as Wheat, Corn, Barley and Vegetable oil from the best sources of crop production and through reliable suppliers.

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