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KFMB recipe books are available in all book stores and KFMB bakery branches.

Saudi Arabia: In Jarir book store as well as Jeraisy book store.

Qatar: In Jarir book store.

United Arab Emirates: in Kinokuniya book store.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide a home delivery.

Some versions of the books contain translation, but you should inquire directly from the points of sale, and bakery branches.

Visits only by official sides such as schools and colleges.
All the details available in Official website for the company and you can contact the Public Relation department.
There aren’t any differences between the prices of our products in Sultan Center and other co-operative-societies unless there are special offers, especially during the holy Month of Ramadan.
The selling prices of products in markets not from the company’s responsibility and it is from the ministry of commerce and consumer protection responsibility.

Saffron is used in Ougaily cupcake.

Please note that the mixed grain mixture does not contain beans and contains the following types:

  • golden flax seeds
  • brown flax seeds
  • Sunflower pills
  • millet beans

The color used in baking potatoes is the color of turmeric from a plant source.

Barley imported for fodder (not intended for human consumption). Barley used in the production of barley bread is intended for human consumption. There is a certificate for that

We advise the client to consult a dermatologist.

In scrap sales, which are located in Shubrat Al Khadhar in Shuwaikh from 6am to 2pm working days:

On Sunday - Monday - Tuesday.

It doesn’t contain potassium bromate.

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We keen to attract high quality of people because we believe that human resources are the most important elements of success.
Therefore, we are pleased to welcome the candidate who believe that he/she have the competence and practical skills makes him/her added value to our success.

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