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Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries 60th Anniversary

The 60th anniversary holds a historical moment for our company’s journey that began in October 1961. This was during the era of the former Emir of the country, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, may his soul rest in peace, it was an era where the State of Kuwait took monumental steps in enhancing the food security, and the Emiri Decree No. 29 of 1961 was issued, thus establishing Kuwait Flour Mills as a semi-government company with an initial capital of 2 million Kuwaiti dinars.

The Emiri decree granted the company the privilege of importing wheat, grinding, and distributing it within the State of Kuwait along with exporting the surplus abroad. In 1988 it was merged with the Kuwait Bakeries Company to become a major symbol and one of the pillars in Kuwait’s food industry.

The Kuwait Towers was decorated with the logo of the Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Company for the celebration of the 60th anniversary. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the Tourism Enterprises Company who participated with us in the celebration of our company’s 60th anniversary.

On this glorious occasion, the CEO of Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company, Mr Mutlaq Al-Zayed, said, "During the past sixty years, Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company has consolidated its presence on the local and regional arenas to become a major symbol and one of the most important tributaries of industry in the State of Kuwait. During these six decades, the company was able to succeed in many achievements through deliberate steps with highly skilled and dedicated management to compete at the local and regional levels”

In addition, Mr. Mutlaq stated that “The 60th anniversary is a celebration of the past and the future for more achievements, and developments in the country. To reach the vision of its leaders and their optimism for a promising future. We have been emphasizing on the people’s culture who believe in its positive and ambitious leaders to transform any challenges into opportunities in which all segments of society participate in a way that reflects positively on them and improve the quality of life.”

The Mills factory was established in 1965, Kuwait Flour Mills then moved to a new industrial area at the local level, thus establishing a pasta factory in 1969, the company then founded the biscuit factory in 1970 and a vegetable oil factory in the year 1976. An ambitious step to build nine automatic bakeries covering most of the populated areas was followed by the formation of the Sabhan Central Bakery, which was an important industrial brand.

The animal feed factory was established in the year 1996 as a step by the company to ensure food security for the State of Kuwait, as we believe that livestock is one of the most integral elements for the food security of the State.

In the year 2015, Kuwait Flour Mills and bakeries company inaugurated the gluten-free product's factory, it was the first of its kind in the Middle East. The company made this decision in response to the Company’s tireless commitment to social responsibility, and its role in achieving food security for all segments of society, including celiac patients who suffer from wheat allergy.

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